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The Student Assembly is committed to enhancing the student experience by providing resources to campus student organizations and ensuring the representation of SUNY students on the local, state, and federal levels, as well as throughout the expansive SUNY system, through our extensive advocacy initiatives.

At each fall conference, the General Assembly adopts an advocacy agenda that guides our efforts for the year. The 2018-19 Advocacy Agenda was the most comprehensive ever adopted. A few of our advocacy items included funding mental health telecounseling, student emergency funds, and educational opportunity programs.

Using this advocacy agenda, the Student Assembly launched its first ever in-district student advocacy week. Students took meetings with state legislators to discuss the issues that affect students directly and the importance of passing critical higher education legislation. In one week, the Student Assembly successfully organized and facilitated 16 meetings involving 45 students representing 15 campuses.  


In addition to this incredibly impactful week of advocacy, students and members of the Student Assembly’s Executive Committee had 30 additional meetings with lawmakers. Our advocacy reached districts which represent nearly 175,000 SUNY students in total.

Our advocacy efforts didn't stop here- the Student Assembly is constantly working to reach new heights with our advocacy. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Chief of Staff Taryn Rackmyer at