Meeting Information


The State University of New York Student Assembly will convene for the Spring Conference the weekend of April 29th, 2022 in Albany, with its meeting of the General Assembly on Saturday April 30th at 2:00PM, pursuant to Student Assembly bylaws and appropriate regulations.





Conference Registration can be found here:

Friday April 29th

2:00PM   Registration

4:00PM   Meet the Executive Committee

4:30PM   Panel Discussion

7:00PM   Dinner & Keynote Address

9:00PM   Position Breakout Sessions

Saturday, April 30th

9:00AM   Plenary Breakfast

10:00AM Workshops highlighting the United Nations Global Goals

12:30PM Lunch featuring State of the Assembly Address & Guest Speakers

2:00PM   Business Meeting & Election Proceedings

7:30PM   Dinner & Keynote Address

9:00PM   Caucus Meetings

10:30PM President’s Gala

Sunday, May 1st

9:00AM   Farewell Breakfast & Passing of the Torch

Meeting materials and other information can be found here.

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