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Student Assembly Cabinet Application

The Student Assembly is the official organization by which University students participate in University-wide shared governance. The Student Assembly is committed to enhancing the student experience by providing resources to campus student organizations and ensuring the representation of SUNY students on the local, state, and national levels, as well as throughout the expansive SUNY system, through our extensive advocacy initiatives. 

We are hiring passionate SUNY Students to fill the Executive Cabinet which is appointed by the President and acts as non-voting members of the Executive Committee. Appointments to the cabinet are approved by the Executive Board and Elected Representatives. The Cabinet is comprised of Directors, Managers, Chairs, Assistants, and Specialists who carry out the day-to-day functions of the Student Assembly, as directed by the Executive Officers and Chief of Staff. Interviews and appointments for positions will occur on a rolling basis until every position is filled. Questions or comments may be directed to the President, Alexandria Chun at, and the Executive Secretary (CCO), Tasnia Zzoha at

The following are various involvement opportunities for this academic year for eligible students to participate within the Student Assembly Executive Cabinet. Please read through the qualifications and details and share them with your SUNY student colleagues. In order to serve as a member of the Executive Cabinet, applicants must be currently enrolled in a State University of New York Campus for at least one credit hour, be in good standing at their campus, and hold a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 and enrollment verification will be conducted by the SUNY System Administration. 

The following Cabinet positions became available on  or after July 19th, 2022. On the Google form, each position has a summary of the role and its responsibilities. On a rolling basis, the following vacancies will be filled:

Deputy Director of Governmental Relations:

Deputy Director of Policy:

Chair of Accessibility:

Chair of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

Chair of Graduate and Non-Traditional Student Affairs:

Chair of Health and Wellness:

Chair of Military and Veteran Affairs:

Chair of Student Success:

Chair of Sustainability and Infrastructure:

Mental Health Specialist:

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