Protecting and Supporting our Asian and Asian American Community



March 17, 2021

For immediate release

Dear Fellow Student Leaders,


The past few days, we have been horrified to read about racially motivated hate crimes and attacks against the Asian and Asian American community. These acts severely damage our communities and counter the values that SUNY students hold dearly. These acts of racism and violence have no place in the SUNY System nor in this country. 


We as the SUNY Student Assembly condemn all the acts of violence and racism that have been targeted towards the Asian and Asian American community. 


We must all rise up and protect our Asian brothers and sisters. We must stand up to hate that has been present for far too long. We must develop and implement anti bias training programs so that SUNY students can serve as diversity ambassadors.


The SUNY Student Assembly is committed to ensuring that every student feels safe and secure while they embark on their higher education journey. 


We will work to activate every member of our community to take a stand against the structures that perpetuate and fuel discrimination and assaults on Asian American and Pacific Islander persons.

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Together we can build a better tomorrow.   




The SUNY Student Assembly

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