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The Student Assembly Fee Proposal

What is it?

The Student Assembly of the State University of New York recommends to
the SUNY Board of Trustees the authorization of a $0.50 per semester,
per student, student governance fee to provide sustainable funding to the

Student Assembly.

How much funding would a $0.50/student per semester fee raise?

Based on enrollment estimates this fee would generate approximately $400,000 in revenue for the SUNY Student Assembly.

How much funding has the Student Assembly received in the past?






How long has this proposal been around?

The student leaders of the Student Assembly in the year 2002 adopted a resolution at the fall conference endorsing the proposal for a modest fee citing the following: "The current allotted budget of $61,000 can no longer sustain the needs of the SUNY Student Assembly and it severely limits the SUNY Student Assembly's ability to represent the 400,000 plus students of SUNY." A resolution was passed in the year 2019 and a resolution was unanimously passed in the year 2021 calling for this issue to be addressed.

What other state-wide Student Government Organizations have something similar?



  Fee per student: $1.45                          Fee per student: $2.00                    Fee per student: $1.30

  Annual budget: ~$768,000                 Annual budget: ~$1,735,000           Annual budget: ~$732,000


Where can I learn more about this proposal to fund Student Assembly?

You can read the full 92 page report adopted by the Student Assembly Spring Conference of 2019 by clicking HERE.

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 11.54.37

*Information retrieved from NYS Division of the Budget

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