State-Operated Campuses Committee

The State-Operated Campuses Committee is comprised of all ten state-operated campus representatives. The committee serves as the platform for representatives to develop strategy to advocate for issues specific to state-operated campuses students, such as initiatives related to graduate stipends and research funds.

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James Vassallo is a first year medical student at Stony Brook University, where he also earned his Master’s in Public Health & Bachelors in Biology & Sociology. During both his undergraduate and graduate careers, James has served in a number of leadership and advisory roles at his University, serving as President of Graduate Student Organization, President of the Commuter Student Association and Executive Chair to the President’s Council of Advisors, amongst other positions. James is excited to use his diverse background in student leadership and campus operations to continue advocating for students across the SUNY system as Chair of State-Operated Campuses.

Favorite quote:

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"

- Wayne Gretzky


Cooking & Baking, Weightlifting, Pokemon, listening to music 

Members of the State-Operated Campuses Committee:

Representative Jahad Hoyte

Representative Elisabeth Rebmann

Representative Mitchel Smigel

Representative Yamilex Taveras

Representative Akilah Wilson

Representative Amy Zhang

Representative Esther Joseph

Representative Callie Humphrey

Representative Cristian Rodriguez

Initiatives of the committee:


Check out the blog Chair Vassallo wrote on graduate stipends.



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