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Spring Conference 2020

1.4 Million Voices,

1 Mission

At our conferences, we introduce hundreds of student leaders from 64 campuses to professional contacts including the Senior SUNY Administration, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and other highly regarded keynote speakers. Our organization empowers students throughout the SUNY system to have the best collegiate experience during their time. 


This year, our Spring Conference is being held from April 24th through 26th at the Syracuse Marriott in Syracuse, New York. We are thrilled to have the opportunity, once again, to gather together and provide a platform for SUNY students from across the state to share their experiences, exchange ideas and learn from each other.


Our theme this year is “1.4 Million Voices, 1 Mission." With the start of a crucial election year, it is vital that we come together as the collective student voice for the State of New York to ensure that student issues are at the forefront of all conversations on both the state, and national level. The stakes are high. Our voices matter more now than ever before.

Workshops this year provide students the opportunity to learn from other student leaders, faculty and professionals from all different backgrounds. Our new structure for conference allows for more students to attend workshops than ever before. We are excited to have the chance to allow students to make the most of their time spent together and are looking forward to hearing everyone’s feedback on the new structure.



"Dear Fellow Student Leaders,


We are excited to present to you the 2020 Spring Conference Registration packet. This year’s conference will be held at the Syracuse Marriott from April 24th-26th and will offer the unique opportunity for student leaders, advisors and professionals from across New York State to come together once more at the conclusion of the academic year to network, hear from notable speakers

and participate in various workshops throughout the weekend.


This Spring’s theme will be "1.4 Million Voices, 1 Mission". As we gear up for the Presidential election of 2020, we as students recognize the importance of engagement throughout the electoral process. Ensuring that the student voice is at the. forefront of all conversations remains our top priority. This conference will focus on not only how to engage the other students on your campuses in the voting process, but also explore just how impactful and important the student voice can be.


In addition to hearing from various speakers and interacting with other student leaders, students will have the opportunity to attend workshops organized by their peers, staff, faculty and professionals throughout the state. These. workshops will cover a variety of topics and offer chances for professional growth, networking and skills that you can take back to your campuses.


Each campus will designate voting delegates who will participate in our business meeting by voting on various resolutions, as well as the Student Assembly’s next. Executive Board. Attached to this packet you will find a nomination form -- if you have any interest in running for a position please feel free to fill out and submit the necessary paperwork.


We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to Syracuse for the weekend to celebrate a successful year of advocacy, engagement and working together to achieve our collective mission."