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Tasnia is an accomplished and dedicated leader, serving as the Executive Secretary and Chief of Communications of the SUNY Student Assembly, which represents 64 SUNY Campuses and Cornell University. In this role, she works tirelessly to advocate for the needs and concerns of SUNY students, ensuring that their voices are heard at the highest levels of government and policy-making.

A sophomore at Nassau Community College, Tasnia is pursuing a dual degree in Finance and Psychology, with a minor in Political Science. Her passion for public service and leadership is evident in her current role as the President of Student Government at Nassau Community College, where she works to promote student engagement and empowerment on campus.

Throughout her tenure in various leadership positions, Tasnia has demonstrated her knowledge of government and public policy, as well as her exceptional leadership and communication skills. She is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus, working to ensure that all students feel welcome and supported.

Tasnia is passionate about revitalizing campus life and building a community that is secure, sustainable, and cognizant of the resources available to students. She is a tireless advocate for students, working to ensure that their needs and concerns are heard and addressed. With her diverse set of skills and her unwavering dedication to public service, Tasnia is poised to make a lasting impact on SUNY and beyond.

Tasnia Zzoha
Secretary &
Chief Communications Officer
Home Campus: Nassau Community College
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