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Alexandria Chun is a Junior at Binghamton University where she studies Politics, Philosophy, and Law with a Minor in Economics. Chun serves as the President of the SUNY Student Assembly, the official organization by which students participate in University-wide shared governance, representing the 64 campuses of the SUNY system.

Chun has had the pleasure of serving the Student Assembly as Director of Communications and Public Relations. At Binghamton University, she is currently engaged as the Speaker of Congress. Previously, she held the position of Chairwoman of the Elections & Judiciary Committee at Binghamton University’s Student Association, where she worked with a diligent committee to produce the University’s first comprehensive Elections Code.

Aside from her work as a student advocate, Chun is engaged in undergraduate research on her campus. Particularly concentrated on the fields of environmentalism and geophysics, Chun is working with a team of 6 to publish a scientific paper titled “Creating a Linear Regression Model to Predict Harmful Algal Blooms Using Hyper-spectral Sensing”. She feels strongly about environmentalism and hopes to work with students to prioritize these goals. Chun is proud to represent SUNY’s students and amplify their voices while she works towards increasing academic excellence, accessibility, and affordability within public higher education.

Alexandria Chun
President & SUNY Trustee
Home Campus: Bingham
ton University
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