Acting President Jahad Hoyte

Acting President Jahad Hoyte



Jahad Hoyte serves as the Acting President of the SUNY Student Assembly (SUNYSA) and Trustee on the SUNY Board of Trustees.

Jahad Hoyte came to Farmingdale State College for their bachelors’ program in Aviation Administration. However, as time progressed his involvement in the community, the campus, and the SUNY Student Assembly strengthened his interest in social justice issues. As such, Jahad shifted his academic focus to Political Science and recently sought opportunities at local non-profit organizations to learn more about the social issues in today's society. Having served as a Representative for a year within the Student Assembly, and now as the President of the FSC Student Government Association, Jahad has learned one must stand for those who are voiceless. 


Throughout his journey in the Student Assembly, Jahad has proven his dedication, talent, passion, and perseverance. As Acting President, Jahad is committed to continuing the efforts of past leaders to expand the impact of Student Assembly advocacy; promote diversity, equity, and inclusion; build organizational capacity; and fight for students on the system, local, state and federal levels. 




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