Executive Committee

The Executive Committee conducts all necessary business outside of the meetings of the General Assembly at our bi-annual conferences and is composed of the Executive Board, Representatives, and Executive Cabinet. Outlined below are all current members of the 2019-20 executive committee, with links to find their biographical information and email addresses.  

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the most senior leadership of the organization, comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Members of the Executive Board are elected by the General Assembly at the annual Spring Conference. 

Austin Ostro, President

Corianna Lipira, Acting Vice President

Bryce Mack, Treasurer

Damilola Adesanya, Secretary


Representatives are the voting delegates on the Executive Committee. Each Representative is elected by their campus caucus at the annual spring conference. Representatives vote on behalf of their respective campuses at monthly business meetings held by the executive committee, and represent the needs and interests of those campuses. Representatives also serve as resources for campus student governments by keeping them up-to-date on the Student Assembly operations and providing opportunities at the state level for their students.

Zion Sherin, Community Colleges

Daniel Cubas, Community Colleges

Dylan Rice, Community Colleges

Amanda VanHorn, Community Colleges

Dylan Guilfoyle, Community Colleges

Kelvin Cooke, Community Colleges

Mitchel Smigel, Doctoral Granting Institutions

Amy Zhang, Doctoral Granting Institutions

Yamilex Taveras, Doctoral Granting Institutions

Callie Humphrey, University Colleges

Cristian Rodriguez, University Colleges

Esther Joseph, University Colleges

Jahad Hoyte, Agriculture, Technology, and Statutory Campuses

Elisabeth Rebmann, Agriculture, Technology, and Statutory Campuses

Akilah Wilson, Graduate Doctoral Granting Institutions

James Vassallo, Graduate Doctoral Granting Institutions

President's Cabinet 

The Executive Cabinet is appointed by the President, and act as non-voting members of the Executive Committee. Appointments to the cabinet are approved by the elected representatives. The cabinet is comprised of directors, managers, and chairs who carry out the day-to-day functions of the Student Assembly, as directed by the President and the Chief of Staff.

Senior Leadership

Taryn Rackmyer, Chief of Staff

Chester Bennett, Parliamentarian


Brad Hershenson, Director of Legislative Affairs

Kevin Rogers, Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs

Takeena Strachan, Deputy Director of Government Relations

Gavin Grey, Director of Legislative Strategy


Jimmy Kinney, Liaison Coordinator

Noah Cowen, Web & Design Specialist

Nicole Ortiz, Marketing Specialist

Mashaal Bhatti, Outreach Specialist

Committee Chairs

State-Operated Campuses:

James Vassallo, Chair

Community Colleges:

Bryce Mack, Acting Chair

Campus Safety:

Haley Hershenson, Chair

Sneha Srinivasan, Vice Chair

International Education:

Siddarth Laveti, Chair

Dylan Marshall, Vice Chair


Thomas Leonard, Chair

Andriana LaMendola, Vice Chair 

Disability Services:

Emma Vanderwerken, Chair

John Donnelly, Vice Chair

Gender Equity:

Corianna Lipira, Chair 

Veteran Services:

Jagdeep Singh, Chair

Olivia Autenrieth, Vice Chair

Extended Cabinet

Justas Klimavicius, Director of Operations

Jennie Mauk, Events Manager, Vice President's Team

Eric Weinman, Financial Manager, Treasurer's Team

Tyriq Johnson, Records Manager, Secretary's Team

Cheyanne Matulewich, Constituent Services Manager



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Please direct questions, comments, and concerns to Chief of Staff Corianna Lipira via email at corianna.lipira@sunysa.org

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