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Jack Kralik
Chief of Staff​
Home Campus: B
inghamton University

Jack Kralik is a motivated and accomplished sophomore at Binghamton University, where he is pursuing a double major in History and Philosophy, Politics, and Law. With a passion for understanding the past and its relevance to contemporary issues, Jack is dedicated to exploring the intersection of history, politics, and society. In addition to his academic pursuits, Jack is an active participant in campus life. He has served as a member of the Student Association Financial Committee, where he helped to ensure the responsible allocation of resources to benefit students.


Jack has also been involved in the Elections and Judiciary committee, working to ensure the integrity and fairness of the student government election process. Outside of his academic and extracurricular pursuits, Jack is a dedicated Army ROTC Cadet, beginning his second year of training at Binghamton. He is committed to serving his country and is developing the skills and leadership abilities necessary to succeed as a future officer.


In his free time, Jack indulges in his passion for 3D modeling and enjoys exploring the creative possibilities of this fascinating medium. He also has a love for classic westerns and enjoys watching John Wayne movies, gaining insight into the historical context and cultural significance of these iconic films.Overall, Jack Kralik is an ambitious and well-rounded individual with a passion for learning and a commitment to serving others.

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