Student Success

The Student Success Committee (SSC) of the SUNY Student Assembly strives to create inclusive policies and initiatives that work to achieve the betterment of student success. As a committee, we work to understand issues including, but not limited to, access and transition to higher education, the impact of financial aid resources on student success, the impact of mental health on student success, using student voice to affect policy, and understanding how various student demographics experience success and failure throughout our many campuses. Through these many initiatives, the SSC is dedicated to creating a higher education system that is steadfast in eliminating the barriers to student success.

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Ryan Hughes


Ryan is a senior at the University at Buffalo studying Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources and a minor in Educational Leadership and Policy for Equity. This is Ryan's first year as a Student Assembly member and is looking forward to helping amplify each and every student's voice. As a Peer Tutor, Academic Coach, and Undergraduate Teaching Assistant within UB's School of Management, Ryan's focus on student success drew him to this position because it will allow him to further help students be successful throughout higher educational journey. In addition to being an active member of the School of Management, Ryan serves as President of the Buffalo Undergraduate Consulting Group where he works to instill problem solving, teamwork, and critical thinking skills into his members so as to elevate their professional and academic skillset. Ryan is looking forward to working with the Policy Team this coming academic year to advocate for student success, diversity and inclusion, and overall safety and wellness of all SUNY students. Ryan encourages anyone to reach out with any questions and to find ways to get involved so as to help amplify their peers' voices. Together, we can accomplish so much more and strive for greater achievement than if we were to do it all on our own.

Favorite quote:

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today." -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Bike Riding; Cooking; spending time with my family and friends; Golfing

Tanvir Alam

Vice Chair

Tanvir is a third year student at Stony Brook University majoring in Biochemistry and studying on the pre-med track. He joined the SUNY Student Assembly in the Summer of 2020 taking on the role as the Vice Chair of the Student Success Committee. As a student interested in the sciences and pursuing a career in medicine, he has been involved in patient care related work at New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital and holding a student volunteer researcher position at Weill Cornell Medicine. He is excited to be a part of the Student Success Committee and the Policy Team and is proud to represent and vocalize the concerns and ideas of students in the SUNY system. He is willing to work hard with his team and go beyond what is asked of him to do what is best for the students and make changes where necessary, especially during these difficult times in the pandemic. He highly encourages everyone to voice any concerns or changes they would like to see made and to immediately reach out to him.

Favorite quote:

“Genius is perseverance in disguise.” -Mike Newlin


Playing basketball and weight training

Members of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee:

Initiatives of the committee:


Check out Resolution 1920-41 Resources and Support for Immigrant and Undocumented Students, passed at the September 2019 meeting, at our resolution archive.

Check out Resolution 1920-30 Supporting Access to Pell and TAP assistance for Incarcerated Students, passed at the September 2019 meeting, at our resolution archive.

Check out the  blog article that Onondaga Community College student leader Jourdyn-Evonne Lee wrote on prison education programs.