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The SUNY Student Assembly

Advocacy Agenda


Advocating on behalf of SUNY's 1.4 million students is one of the most fundamental, core functions of the Student Assembly. With that said, developing the priorities that we will focus our advocacy on each year is a critical process that requires great amounts of thought, deliberation, and input.


Each academic year, the Student Assembly releases an advocacy agenda that frames our priorities. This agenda serves as a statement of our stances on a wide variety of items, as well as a frame for what our leadership will fight for in upcoming advocacy initiatives. 


Our advocacy team works together with senior leadership to develop the first draft of our advocacy agenda between June and November.  At each fall conference, the General Assembly, comprised of student representatives from all 64 campuses, votes to adopt the advocacy agenda that will go on to guide our efforts for the rest of the year. 

Click to open a pdf version of the 2019-20 Advocacy Agenda.

In recognition that legislation can be difficult to understand, and inaccessible for many students, we have created supporting documentation that provides additional background information and links for some of the most complex subject areas in the agenda.

Click to open a pdf version of the supporting documentation for the 2019-20 Advocacy Agenda.

In addition to providing easy-to-print pdfs, the entire advocacy agenda has been converted into webpages, with supporting documentation integrated throughout, so that all students are able to read it in a comprehensive, understandable format. A table of contents for these webpages is below.

2019-20 Advocacy Agenda: Table of Contents

Increasing the Affordability and Accessibility of SUNY

Stopping the Rise of Tuition and Fees

Funding for Critical Maintenance and New Capital Projects

Increase State Support for Students with Disabilities

Reinstate TAP and Pell Grants for Justice-Involved Students

State Support for UUP Contract

Close the TAP Gap

Creating a National Impact on Higher Education

Work Study Reform

Expanding and Revising the "90/10" Rule

Increasing Pell Grant Award Sizes and Maintaining the Pell Grant Surplus

Protecting Title IX

Protecting Undocumented, Immigrant and International Students

Ensuring New York State's Commitment to Academic Excellence

Building on the Excelsior Scholarship Program 

Year-Round TAP

State Support for Community Colleges

Increasing Graduate Student Wages

Support for SUNY's Hospitals and Health Science. Centers

Strengthening Campus Communities

On-Campus Childcare Centers

Educational Opportunity Programs

Educational Opportunity Centers

Provide Free Menstrual Hygiene Products Across SUNY

Enhancing University-Wide Programming

Combatting Food Insecurity

Open Educational Resources

Student Emergency Funds

Mental Health Resources

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