Spring 2021 Student Assembly Elections

Elections in the Student Assembly will be during the April 25th, 2021 Business Meeting. This page is meant to serve as a summary of the policies surrounding the election process, but is not a replacement for reading those policies directly. Please read through our governing documents
carefully, and reach out to Parliamentarian Irving (Meaghan.irving@sunysa.org) with any
questions. Governing Documents: (link) Q&A Document (link)

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Executive Board: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary

Representatives: Doctoral Degree Granting Institutions Undergraduate Representative, Graduate Representative, University Colleges Representative, Ag/Tech Representative, Community College Representative*

● All officers of the Student Assembly must be students at a SUNY institution
● Candidates for the Executive Board must have at least a 2.5 GPA
● Candidates for the Executive Committee must have at least a 2.0 GPA
● Candidates must be present during all elections procedures
● Must be nominated by a delegate to the General Assembly (or a representative on the
Executive Committee for special elections)

● May be nominated in advance, or on the floor. Once the floor closes for nominations, it
will not open again.
● All elections use a secret ballot, top-two run-off system. Delegates in the General
Assembly (or representatives in Executive Committee special elections) may vote for
one candidate, and if no candidate receives a majority, the top two candidates go onto a
second round of voting.
● Each candidate will have the opportunity to give a three minute speech
● There will be an opportunity to ask candidates questions. Questions and answers must
be under one minute. All questions must apply to every candidate for the same position,
and every candidate will get a chance to reply to each question.
● Any disputes are settled by the Rules Committee

● Candidates cannot use state, SUNY, or SUNYSA resources to campaign, including
SUNYSA emails or email lists.
● Candidates cannot slander or libel other candidates, or destroy other candidates
campaign materials.
● Candidates must get permission to use anyone’s likeness or image in campaign